Natural Daylight with Solar Tracking Skylights

This is a great natural daylighting technology that has advantages over traditional sun tubes. The cost is nominal compared to non-solar tracking skylights, with an estimated payback period of between 3- 36 months. 

Solar Tracking Skylights were the preferred natural daylight system specified for Catalyst's Copper State Nut & Bolt facility design in Prescott Valley. 

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Geothermal Power to the People

Forget Iceland, Hot Rocks Are Everywhere.
"This installation will showcase a renewable energy concept that can play a huge role– bigger than solar and wind– in moving the world off fossil fuels".
The concept is called EGS, which stands for engineered geothermal systems, or, according to preference, enhanced geothermal systems. Some people refer to it as “hot dry rocks,” others as “deep geothermal.”

Perhaps an even better name for it would be geothermal power for the rest of us, because it allows you to build utility-scale geothermal electricity and heat stations almost anywhere.

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